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Being a student in the software world looks more like a gift.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the free resources provided for us. We break it down and mainly focus on the educational resources.

Education gives you a know how of the rest of the resources.

Let's dive into this. We will break it down to highlights of the benefits, requirements and finally simple advice

Github student's pack

This pack includes all the benefits you can get. First of all what is Github? If you have worked with version control then you might know git. Github is a provider of Internet hosting for software development and version control using Git. Github has an education platform that provides the student pack.

Benefits of the student's pack

Github education has partnered with some of the leading producers of educational content. The benefits are many but we will focus on educational benefits.



Working with code means needing an IDE(Integrated development Environment). Jetbrains provide smart IDE for writing your code. This a huge educational resource especially when it comes to linting in python, working with databases in PHP, Webstorm for Javascript and others.


Now you have good IDEs to work with. Let's shift to learning. Educative partnering with github offers 6 month of in demand courses ranging from Java, Python, Machine Learning etc with a value of $2000.

One Month Well, it's one month of acess to learn all you need about HTML, CSS and python. These are the starting point to a web development career. Definitely recommended.


Unity is a world leading platform that is used to create about half of world's games. Games developers have a platform to use that is limited to your time as student . Go make better use of it.

Frontend Masters

Web development is currently my main focus and what a better place than frontend masters. 6 months free of unlimited courses. They focus mainly on Javascript and it's frameworks. You also get to attend workshops online where you get advice from leading developers in the world.

Data Camp

Data. Get tutored by leading data scientists in topics ranging from python, machine learning and data science. 3 months free of premium courses.

These are some of the benefits I have highlighted. They are many and we'll link them at the end. Next let's look at the requirements.


Requirements are easy and they are not many.

1. Github Account

Your Github account will act as a key to get all this benefits, If you don't have one already visit Github and sign up for one.

2. Student credentials

To apply for one, you need a document that proves you are a student. Get your ID, admission letter, etc. It takes a maximum of 26 days to know whether your application was successful.

You don't need to be doing a course related to IT. All you need is be interested in the industry.

Visit Github Edcuation to see other offers that are included. I just focused on educational resources. Go and learn

Next we move from software to security and infrastructure. Want to join infosec or learn about system admnistration read the next part There is something for software developers and designers too


Pluralsight in partnership with code org have some courses offered for free. the courses are computer science oriented ranging from introduction to computer science to Networking and Infrastructre.

Some of the channels include:

  • CS Principles

A channel that gives an overview of what it takes to succeed in your technology career.

  • IT/OPs This channel includes courses like Help desk, Networking and infrastructure and security.

  • IT/OPs-Help desk

    A channel that has all that includes career advice, IT support fundamental course, CompTIA A+(220-1001 and 220-1002) course and fundamentals of IT operation course.

  • CS-principles -Design/Creative

A channel that includes courses for Graphic design, User Experience(UX), Game design(you have Unity) and Adobe products course.

The courses here are detailed and will push your skill level higher. All You need is to visit code.org and sign up for a student's offer. Keep learning.

No requirements.

Simple advice. Don't go for all at once. Get what you need and when you are done move to the next. This way, you ensure maximum utilization of this gift.

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